Mikal Blue


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As a producer Mikal Blue has worked with countless artists including Colbie Caillat, OneRepublic, Jason Mraz, James Blunt, Toad The Wet Sprocket, Glen Phillips, Hope, Toni Braxton, Five For Fighting, Augustana, Alex G, Angel Taylor, Jason Reeves, Brendan James, The Daylights, Kevin Hammond, Nikki Sixx, Don Felder, and Keaton Simons.

Mikal has secured major label recording contracts for OneRepublic, Colbie Caillat, Augustana and many other artists.

As a songwriter Mikal is signed to Sony/ATV and he plays guitar, bass, piano, and arranges strings. As a solo artist has signed recording contracts with A&M, Immergent, and Alesis.


Colbie Caillat | 2 tracks from Gypsy Heart (Universal Republic) | co-W
Colbie Caillat | CoCo (Universal Republic) | P, E, M, co-W
Colbie Caillat | Summer Sessions EP (Universal Republic) | P, E, M, co-W
Colbie Caillat | Selected tracks from All of You (Universal Republic) | co-W
Colbie Caillat | Selected tracks from Breakthrough (Universal Republic) | co-W
Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat | “Lucky” (Best Pop Duet Grammy) (Atlantic) | Vocal Prod
OneRepublic | Selected tracks on Dreaming Out Loud & Waking Up (Interscope) | P, E
Augustana | Selected tracks & Epic Records Deal | Co-P
Toad The Wet Sprocket | New Constellation | P, E, M
Don Felder | Road To Forever | Co-P
Angel Taylor | Love Travels (iTunes Pop Album of the Year) | P, E, M, co-W
Keaton Simons | Keaton Simons (CBS) | P, E, M
Jason Reeves | The Lovesick (Warner Bros) | P, E, M
Jason Reeves | The Magnificent Adventures Of Heartache (Warner Bros) | P, E, M, co-W
James Blunt | Selected Tracks from Some Kind Of Trouble (Atlantic) | co-W
Angel Taylor | Love Travels (Sony) | P, E, M, co-W
Jason Reeves & Colbie Caillat | “Realize,” “One Fine Wire,” “Feelings Show,” “Battle” | co-W
Serena Ryder | “It Is O.K” and “Stumbling Over You” from It Is O.K (Atlantic) | co-W
Nikki Sixx | “Beautiful Death Angel” & “Ugly” from Forthcoming Album | co-W
Angel Taylor | “Like You Do,” “Make Me Believe,” “Spinning Wheel” | co-W
Jason Mraz | “Real Girl” (Atlantic) | co-W