Revolver News

Colbie Caillat and Mikal working on new material |

Mikal and Colbie Caillat are back in the studio together, working on some exciting new material. Stay tuned for more updates on new music!

Jason Derulo at Revolver |

Mikal has recently been co-producing a forthcoming track from pop star Jason Derulo at Revolver.

Mikal Producing new Toad the Wet Sprocket for ‘Animal Crackers’ feature film |

Mikal has produced a new Toad the Wet Sprocket song “One of Those Days” that has received a major placement in the upcoming animated feature ‘Animal Crackers’.

Shawn Stockman (Boyz ll Men) recording at Revolver |

Shawn Stockman from Boyz ll Men is recording his new album at Revolver.

Dalton Cyr from ‘Pretty Little Liars’ at Revolver Recordings |

Mikal and his team are developing Dalton Cyr, an incredibly gifted young artist who appears in the show ‘Pretty Little Liars’.

Katrina Woolverton’s “Hold Me Down” Billboard Hot AC Top 40 |

“Hold Me Down”, a song by Katrina Woolverton that Mikal co-wrote and produced is a Billboard Hot AC Top 40 hit.

Revolver Expanding Work With Songwriters |

Mikal has gathered an excellent team of established and up and coming writers who will be working out of Revolver writing for synch and pitch. Specific requests are always welcome!

Alex & Sierra “As Seen On TV” Out Today |

Mikal co-produced and co-mixed Alex & Sierra’s “As Seen On TV” EP, including co-writing the song “You Will Find Me”. The EP is out today!

The Girl & The Dreamcatcher “Gladiator” |

Mikal co-wrote, co-produced, and co-mixed The Girl & The Dreamcatcher’s new single “Gladiator” from “Negatives”. Stay tuned for more from these rising stars!

Sawyer Fredericks (Republic) |

Mikal has been developing “The Voice” winner Sawyer Fredericks for Universal Republic, producing and mixing 8 songs including several co-writes. The first of these songs to be released, “Lovers Still Alone” and “Still Here”, can be heard on Sawyer’s self titled EP released in late 2015. Mikal also co-wrote, produced and mixed “Forever Wrong (Frankie & Aurora’s Love Theme)” for the companion album to Mitch Albom’s book The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto.

Dannielle Bradbery (Big Machine) |

This 2015, Mikal developed a strong co-writing relationship with “The Voice” alum Danielle Bradbery (Big Machine). Their first co-write “Friend Zone” was released Aug 28, 2015, with several more slated for Danielle’s forthcoming album.

Toad The Wet Sprocket |

Following up on their widely successful reunion album produced by Mikal, Toad the Wet Sprocket returned to him to produce and mix two songs, “So Long Sunny” and “What About Me” for their Architect of the Ruin EP, released Jun 16, 2015.

New Hollow “Jiffy Jane” |

Mikal recently co-produced and mixed the new single “Jiffy Jane” from Epic Records artists New Hollow, the video for which was released today online. Take a look HERE.

The New Officials |

Pop band The New Officials has been frequent guests at Revolver recently, with Mikal co-writing and developing new material for the band. In May they’ll be heading out on the sold out High School Nation tour on the back of recording new songs with Mikal.

Year End News |

Mikal has kept busy with a number of projects through the end of the year. He is currently working with Epic Records CEO to produce and co-write the debut album from New Hollow. The group’s first single, co-written and produced by Mikal, is due out in January 2015. He is also producing and co-writing music for last year’s winner of the Voice, Danielle Bradbery, on Big Machine Records. 14 year old singer songwriter Sophie Rose, who Mikal is developing, continues to see success, recently signing a publishing deal with Dr. Luke’s Prescription Songs. Youtube’s sensation Alex G (1.3 million subscribers) released her self-titled debut album, produced by Mikal, in September. The album features co-writes with established songwriters Jason Mraz and Lauren Christy.

Kathryn Gallagher, Sinem and More |

After finishing producing Youtube star Alex G’s debut album, Mikal is currently producing, engineering and mixing forthcoming music from Kathryn Gallagher and Eamon, amongst other projects. Between production work Mikal has maintained active co-writing with two cuts on Colbie Caillat’s forthcoming album, as well as several other pending releases.

Alex G |

In December, Mikal produced, engineered and mixed a Christmas EP for YouTube star Alex G! Mikal is currently working on Alex G’s full-length album. Visit Alex G’s YouTube page here.

Jessica Domingo, Sophie Rose and More |

Mikal is very excited to be currently developing, writing and working with singer-songwriter Sophie Rose, as well as up-and-comer Jessica Domingo. Mikal will be producing, engineering and mixing Jessica Domingo’s forthcoming material.

Mikal has previously played a direct role in developing artists including Augustana, OneRepublic, Colbie Caillat, Angel Taylor, and Kevin Hammond.

Sinem |

Mikal is currently producing, engineering and mixing the new forthcoming album for Sinem, in addition to working on multiple writing sessions per week.

Sophie Rose, Rick Kelly |

Mikal recently finished co-writing, producing, engineering, and mixing the forthcoming EP from talented young singer-songwriter Sophie Rose. He is currently producing, engineering, and mixing an album for Rick Kelly.

Toad the Wet Sprocket‘s forthcoming album New Constellation, produced, engineered, and mixed by Mikal, raised an incredible $264,000 on Kickstarter, over five times the original goal. The album releases September 3rd.